Renewable Energy

The session focuses on renewable energy and all works addressing the use of renewable energy sources are invited to participate. Renewable energy is seen as one of the main options to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by humanity. The section also includes related topics like energy storage and control techniques which are crucial for the use of renewables. The scope is given below in keywords but is not limited to them and other renewable energy-related topics are also encouraged.

  • Renewable Energy Sources and Systems (RESS) like wind-, hydro-, geothermal-, thermoelectric- and solar energy.
  • Renewable energy storage technologies like¬†Batteries, Capacitors, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.¬†
  • New Trends, Policies and Technologies for RESSs
  • Energy Transformation from Renewable Energy Systems to Grid
  • Driving Circuits for Renewable Energy Systems
  • Control Techniques and Design of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Grid-interaction of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Performance Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Research and Applications for Industries
  • RESS for Electrical Vehicles and Components
  • Computational Methods for RESS
  • Energy Savings
  • Sustainable and Clean Energy Issues
  • Future Directions for RESS

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