Livestock Technology

Livestock Technology session incorporates interdisciplinary approach in modern methods and technology advancements in farms with dairy, pig and poultry production as well as farms with other kind of animals. This session provides an open forum for researchers all-over the world to share and discuss their studies and experiences in many fields of animal production to better way recognize some factors deciding about production effectiveness including needs of sustainability in livestock technologies.

The scope includes keywords such as:

  • Dairy production and technology
  • Pig production and technology
  • Poultry production and technology
  • Sheep and other animals production and technology
  • Livestock technology management
  • Genetic aspects in animal production
  • Farm animal feeding
  • Farm animal welfare
  • Environmental / microclimatic conditions in animal production
  • Innovations in livestock technology
  • Sustainable livestock technology development
  • Theoretical and practical assessment of livestock technology
  • Application of modern livestock technology

Our Location

Institute of Technology

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 56

51006 Tartu


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