Bioenergy and Biofuels

The section focuses on high quality, fundamental and applied advances in the area of bioenergy and biofuels feedstock, processing and utilization. The section welcomes submissions on biomass conversion and energy processes and systems, with a focus on harnessing energy from biological resources and feedstock development, including first, second and third generation biofuels, residual biomass and municipal waste. Also, chemical, biochemical, bioelectrochemical and thermochemical conversion processes that produce mechanical energy, electricity or fuels (gaseous, liquid or solid) are within the scope.

Topics covered by the section include:

Feedstock design and production

  • Plant biology for the design of biomass feedstocks, including cell wall composition and the production of chemicals within the plant
  • Plant biotechnology and genomics for the design of biomass feedstocks
  • Agriculture, forestry, etc. in relation to bioenergy feedstock production
  • Utilisation of organic residues, including animal fats, as feedstock for biobased products

Biomass treatment and conversion

  • Biomass pretreatment and fractionation, including chemical and physical methods
  • Enhancements in enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass to sugars
  • Biological and chemical conversion of sugars to chemicals and other bioproducts
  • Thermochemical conversion technologies, including gasification and pyrolysis of biomass, as well as cleaning and conditioning of the resultant gaseous or liquid fuels
  • Transesterification of lipids from vegetables, animals and algae to produce biodiesel
  • Optimisation of biodiesel quality and stability

Separation and process technology

  • Separation and purification of biomass-derived fuels and chemicals
  • Biorefinery process integration

Industrial development

  • A systems approach to growing, harvesting, supplying and processing biomass into products
  • Sustainability of biobased fuels and chemicals
  • Integrating the production of food, feed and traditional forest products with biobased fuels and chemicals
  • Implications of expanding biobased fuel and chemical production for the forest and agriculture sectors
  • Biofuel cells

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