Time Schedule

Biosystems Engineering 2016, SCHEDULE





9.00 – 10.00

Registration and morning coffee (Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Technology, 56 Kreutzwaldi Str., Tartu)

10.00 – 10.10

OPENING: Rector Prof. Mait Klaassen (Institute of Technology, room A204)

Opening remarks and welcome: Director of Institute of Technology Margus Arak

PLENARY SESSION   (Institute of Technology, room A204):

10.10 – 10.40

Microalgae: Recovery of valuable biomolecules – Prof. Michel Eppink, Wageningen University, Netherland

10.40 – 11.10

Biofuel production caught between political restrictions and advances in research – Prof. Alexander Jäger, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels, Austria

11.10 – 11.40

Research and Innovation Roadmap for Smart Industries – Prof. Tauno Otto, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

11.40 –12.10

From Haze to Clarity – RAMP for Systematic Risk Management – Associate Professor Linda Rose, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

12.10 – 13.00


at the main building of Estonian University of Life Sciences, 1 Kreutzwaldi Str., Tartu




(Institute of Technology,

room B136)


(Institute of Technology,

room B200)


(Institute of Technology,

room A204)




(Institute of Technology,

room A220)

13.00 – 15.00


Prof. Jukka Ahokas


Prof. Marcis Jansons


Prof. Alexander Jäger


Ass. Prof. Eda Merisalu

Performance Evaluation of TDR Soil Moisture Sensor – H. Kirnak, Y. Akpinar: Turkey

Optimization of vehicles’ trajectories by means of interpolation and approximation methods – D. Novák, J. Pavlovkin, V. Novák: Czech Republic

Model-based estimation of market potential for Bio-SNG in the German biomethane market until 2030 within a system dynamics approach – T. Horschig, E. Billig, D. Thraen: Germany

The ergonomic risk factors of agriculture sector in Latvia – I. Vanadzins, Z. Martinsone, I. Martinsone, A. Seile, J. Reste: Latvia

Realtime soil moisture measurement during field work – J. Ahokas, J. Tuure, A. Rammo: Finland & Iraq

Comparison of methods for fuel consumption measuring of vehicle – J. Pavlu, V. Jurca, Z. Ales, M. Pexa: Czech Republic

Realistic biomass gasification model including tar and char – V. Kirsanovs, D. Blumberga, A. Žandeckis : Latvia

The effect of repeatable throwing motion on the upper limb's functional condition of sport training – E. Tamm, T. Meerits, E. Merisalu, M. Pääsuke: Estonia

Freshwater sapropel (gyttja): Its description, properties and opportunities of use in contemporary agriculture – K. Stankevica, Z. Vincevica-Gaile, M. Klavins: Latvia

Link between static radial tire stiffness and the size of its contact surface and contact pressure – M. Kučera, M. Helexa, J. Čedík: Czech Republic

Biogas potential from animal waste of Marmara Region-Turkey – A. Ayhan: Turkey

Changes in Air Ions Concentration depending on Indoor Plants Activity – N. Sinicina, A. Martinovs: Latvia

Translocation of soil particles during primary soil tillage – J. Hula, P. Novak: Czech Republic

Development and analysis of a driving cycle to identify the effectiveness of the vacuum brake booster – D. Berjoza, V. Pirs, I. Dukulis, I. Jurgena: Latvia

Microalgae for biomethane production – V. Dubrovskis and I. Plume: Latvia

Ergonomics risk analysis in construction operations – H. Kalkis, Z. Roja, I. Reinholds, A. Cekuls: Latvia

The effect of soil tillage technologies on the surface of the infiltration speed of water into the soil – S. Kovář, P. Novak, P. Kovaříček, M. Kroulík: Czech Republic

Effect of gasoline contamination on the quality of arctic diesel fuelV. Hönig, Z. Linhart, M. Orsák: Czech Republic

New constructs for ethanol production via cyanobacteria – H. Kahr, A. Jäger, F. Pfannerer, K. Krennhuber: Austria

Toxoplasma gondii, an overlooked parasite in the agricultural setting in Estonia – M. Tagel, B. Lassen, A. Viltrop, P. Takelainen: Estonia

Analysis of organic agricultural waste usage for fertilizer production – R. Mieldažys, E. Jotautiene, A. Pocius, A. Jasinskas: Lithuania

The influence of biobutanol on performance parameters of mobile generator – B. Peterka, M. Pexa, J. Čedík, Z. Aleš: Czech Republic

Explosive decompression pretreatment: nitrogen vs. compressed air – M. Raud, V. Rooni, T. Kikas: Estonia

Predictors and prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among sewing machine operators – M. Männaste, K. Hiir, E. Merisalu, A. Traumann: Estonia

Measurement of mulcher power input in relation to yield – F. Kumhála, J. Chyba, M. Pexa, J. Čedík: Czech Republic

Vehicle in-use tyre characteristics evaluation during winter driving training – J. Kreicbergs, G. Zalcmanis, A. Grislis: Latvia

Influence of mechanical pre–treatment on fermentable sugar production from lignocellulosic biomass – L. Mežule, M. Strods, B. Dalecka: Latvia

Dust pollution in the sport facilities – P. Kic: Czech Republic  

Use of thermal images for optimizing burner height, operating pressure, and burner angle of a weed flamer – N. Tursun, S. Arslan, D. Güleç, F. Kurtulmuş: Turkey

Evaluation of Conventional and Alternative Jet Fuel Surrogates in a Variable Compression Ratio Reciprocating Engine – M. Jansons, J. Rudzitis, J. Kreicbergs, M. Gailis: Latvia

The effect of sulphur content on B20 fuel stability K. Sirviö, S. Niemi, S. Heikkilä, E. Hiltunen: Finland

OHSAS 18001 contribution to real and formal safety elements in safety management system in manufacturing – Õ. Paas, K. Reinhold, P. Tint: Estonia



13.00 – 15.00


(Institute of Technology,

room A211)


Prof. Marek Gaworski




(Institute of Technology,

room A310)


Prof. Tauno Otto




(Institute of Technology,

room A107)


Prof. Andres Annuk


(Institute of Technology,

room B119)


PhD Helena Andreson and DSc Väino Poikalainen

Microclimatic conditions in the poultry houses – P. Kic: Czech Republic

Research on dynamic behaviour of structural adhesives – M. Müller, R. Choteborsky: Czech Republic

Optimization of a solar power station with LiFePO4 accumulators – V. Papez, S. Papezova: Czech Republic

Image analysis of the shapes and dimensions of Teff seeds (Eragrostis tef) – D. Herak: Czech Republic

Effect of cow traffic system and herd size on cow performance and automatic milking systems capacity – M. Gaworski, A. Leola, O. Sada, P. Kic and J. Priekulis: Poland

Electromagnetic shielding properties of ceramic spheres coated with paramagnetic metal – T. Koppel, A. Shishkin, I. Hussainova: Estonia

Low degradation of a-Si solar panels of the building integrated PV power plant in Prague historical area – M. Libra , T. Olšan, V. Avramov, V. Poulek: Czech Republic

Water and water clusters in biological systems – P. Laurson, U. Mäeorg: Estonia

Method to monitor sand amount changes in free-stall lying area for dairy cows – M. Gaworski and Á. Garreth Ferraz Rocha: Poland

Natural vibrations of stepped arches with cracks – J. Lellep, A. Liyvapuu: Estonia

Feasibility study of a local power supply system for sparsely populated areas in Estonia – T. Vaimann, A. Rassõlkin, A. Kallaste and M. Märss: Estonia

Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry study of lipids in northern berries – L. Klavins, J. Kviesis, I. Steinberga, L. Klavina, M. Klavins: Latvia

Aquaculture: problems and modern perspective on topical solution – M. Uspenskaya, M. Kremenevskaya, K. Volkova and O. Sosnina: Russia

Supply and processing of novel whole-crop raw materials for reinforced composites – H. -J. Gusovius, R. Rinberg, T. Brückner: Germany

Automated Measuring Station for Accumulator Testing – S. Papezova, V. Papez: Czech Republic

Developing a household vacuum cooking equipment, testing its performance on strawberry jam production and its comparison with atmospheric cooking – D. Tomruk, E. Devseren, M. Koç, Ö. Özdestan Ocak, H. Karataş, F. Kaymak-Ertekin: Turkey

Research in farm management technologies using the expert method – A. Laurs, Z. Markovics, J. Priekulis and A. Aboltins: Latvia

Development of belt sorters smoothly adjustable belt drums – K. Soots, T. Leemet, K. Tops and J. Olt: Estonia

Correlation between temperatures of air, heat carrier liquid and seabed sediment in renewable low energy network – A. Mäkiranta , J.B. Martinkauppi, E. Hiltunen: Finland

Total phenols and antioxidant capacity of hull-less barley and hull-less oats – Z. Kruma, L. Tomsone, R. Galoburda, E. Straumite, A. Kronberga and M. Åssveen: Latvia

Determination of spatial distribution of ammonia levels in broiler houses - B. Cemek, E. Kucuktopcu and Y. Demir: Turkey

Mechanical and physical properties of thermally modified wood flour reinforced polypropylene composites – H. Kallakas, M. Martin, T. Poltimäe, A. Krumme, J. Kers: Estonia

Operation reliability of induction motors at egg processing plant “Balticovo” – A. Gedzurs: Latvia

Effects of germination on total phenol compounds and radical scavenging activity in hull-less spring cereals and tritikale – Z. Kruma, L. Tomsone, T. Kince, R. Galoburda, S. Senhofa, M. Sabovics, E. Straumite and I. Sturite: Latvia

Cellular tubular structures from perforated metallic tape and its application – I. Boiko, V. Mironovs, M. Lisicins, T. Koppel: Latvia

Electrical field based detection of fruits and vegetables for robotized horticulture – V. Osadcuks, A. Pecka: Latvia

Effect of heat treatment at constant 120 °C temperature on the rheological and technological properties of pork – A. Põldvere, A. Tänavots, R. Saar, S. Sild, L. Lepasalu: Estonia

Study on impact strength of sisal fibres reinforced epoxy composites using experimental methods – P. Valášek: Czech Republic

Effect of conductive ink on transfer characteristics of pressure into electric signal for tactile sensors – J. Volf, V. Novák, V. Ryzhenko: Czech Republic

The application of green tea extract as a source of antioxidants in the processing of dairy products – T. Evstigneeva, N. Skvortsova and R. Yakovleva: Russia

15.00 – 16.30


POSTER SESSIONS (Institute of Technology, room B135)


Soil Physical Characteristics and Soil-Tillage  Implement Draft Assessment – P. Šarec, N. Žemlickova: Czech Republic

The effect of pre-planting thermal treatment of seed tubers on the yield and quality of potato - Viachelsav Eremeev, Berit Tein, Peeter Lääniste, Erkki Mäeorg, Jaan Kuht: Estonia

Distribution of mating types, metalaxyl sensitivity and virulence races of Phytophthora infestans in Estonia - E. Runno-Paurson*, A. Aav, R. Kiiker and M. Hansen: Estonia

Soil weed seed bank at the end of conversion period to organic production - Jaan Kuht, Viacheslav Eremeev, Berit Tein, Liina Talgre, Merili Toom, Erkki Mäeorg, Anne Luik: Estonia

Relationship between precompression stress and rut depth on different soil types in Estonia – K. Vennik, P. Kukk, K. Krebstein, E. Reintam: Estonia

The effect of fertilizer and growing season on tuber dry matter and nitrate content in potato - Reijo Simson, Luule Tartlan, Edvin Nugis and Viacheslav Eremeev: Estonia

Influence of shape of knives on energy loss during mulching – J. Čedík, M. Pexa, J. Chyba, Z. Vondrašek, R. Pražan: Czech Republic

The influence of basic soil tillage methods and weather conditions on the yield of spring barley in forest-steppe conditions – N. Borys, A. Küüt: Ukraine/Estonia

Estimate of energy intensity of mulching – J. Čedík, M. Pexa, R. Pražan: Czech Republic

Soil microbiological activity in the context of tillage system and crop rotation – L. Dubova, A. Ruža, I. Alsina: Latvia

Dependence of digestate briquettes mechanical and sorption properties on represented particle size – I. Černá, J. Pecen, T. Ivanova: Czech Republic

Mechanical harvesting in traditional olive orchards: Olipicker case study – B. Bernardi, S. Benalia, A. Fazari, G. Zimbalatti, T. Stillitano, A. I. De Luca: Italy

Determination of areas with drainage problems on coastal region in Carşamba Plain, Turkey using different interpolation methods – H. Arslan: Turkey

Domestic wastewater treatment in rural parts of turkey (natural treatment systems – constructed wetlands) – Z. Gokalp, B. Cakmak, S. Karaman: Turkey

Characteristics of natural tuff storages in Nevsehir (Cappadokia) region of Turkey – S. Karaman, Z. Gokalp: Turkey

Accumulation of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni and Zn in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) under the treatment with nitrogen fertilizers – A. Kasiuliene, V. Paulauskas, J. Kumpiene: Lithuania

Precision Apiculture approach for improving bee colony management – A. Zacepins, A. Kviesis: Latvia

Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Honey Bee Swarming identification – A. Kviesis, A. Zacepins: Latvia

Microbial communities in the rhizosphere of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.): methagenome analysis – O. Shcherbakova: Russia

Bacterial endophytes of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.): isolation, characterization and detection in treated plants – S. Mulina: Russia

Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation for the Success of Land Consolidation Projects - Kemal Sulhi Gündogdu, S. Tulin Akkaya Aslan, Muge Kirmikil: Turkey

Optimization of the filtrate generated from acidogenic fermentation of poultry manure for polyhydroxyalkanoate production through struvite precipitation – M. Altun, F. Tufaner, A. S. Erturk: Turkey

15.00 – 16.30


Measuring the mobility parameters of tree-length forwarding systems using GPS technology in the Southern Italy forestry – G. Macrì, G. Zimbalatti, A.R. Proto, D. Russo: Italy

Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Wind Machine Operating – O. Taskin, A. Vardar: Turkey

Influence of biofuel moisture content on combustion and emission characteristics of stove – D. Černý, J. Malaťák, J. Bradna: Czech Republic

Speed limits and their impact on emissions production and fuel consumption – M. Kotek, P. Jindra, J. Mařík: Czech Republic

15.00 – 16.30


Biogas production from sugar rich wastes – V. Dubrovskis and I. Plume: Latvia

Significance of material recycling of waste paper for its subsequent utilization – I. Balada, V. Altmann and N. Žemličková: Czech Republic

Identification of kinetics parameters of wheat straw and sugar beet pulp hydrolysis with sulphurous acid – V. Emelyanov, M. Kharina, I. Loginova, L. Kleshchevnikov, M. Shulaev: Russia

Analysis and evaluation of the waste management in municipality – M. Mimra, R. Renfus, M. Kavka: Czech Republic

Applying Simultaneously Encapsulation/ Dehydration and Cryopreservation Method For Long-Term Storage Of Cyanobacteria – M. Conk Dalay, C. Demirkaya, E. Imamoglu, Z. Demirel: Turkey

Effect of cryopreserved Haematococcus cells on astaxanthin production in airlift photobioreactor – E. Imamoglu, Z. Demirel, M. Conk Dalay: Turkey

Diatom Cultivation and Lipid productivity for Non-cryopreserved and Cryopreserved Cells – Z. Demirel, M. Conk Dalay, E. Imamoglu, C. Demirkaya: Turkey

The Effects of Cryopreservation on The Fatty Acid Production of Microalgae – Z. Demirel, C. Demirkaya, N. Demirci, E. Imamoglu, M. Conk Dalay: Turkey

Combustion of briquettes from oversize components from composting process – J. Malaťák, J. Bradna, J. Velebil: Czech Republic

The ash from wheat straw combustion as a soil amendment – J. Malaťák, J. Bradna, J. Velebil: Czech Republic

Energetic value of hydrothermally carbonized brewer’s spent grain – J. Velebil, J. Malatak, J. Bradna: Czech Republic

Washed-out marine brown macroalgae Fucus vesiculosus as substrate for anaerobic digestion: biological methane potential batch tests – L. Pastare, F. Romagnoli: Latvia

Mechanical durability of digestate briquettes in different storage conditions – A. Brunerová, J. Pecen, M. Brožek, T. Ivanova: Czech Republic

Energy wood willows and ground vegetation – I. Pučka, D. Lazdina, I. Bebre: Latvia

Main limitations of hydrolysed hay sugar content analysis by HPLC RI technique  - K. Tihomirova, B. Dalecka, L. Mezule: Latvia

Small- and medium-scale biogas plants in Sri Lanka: Case study on flue gas analysis of biogas cookers – H. Roubík, J. Mazancová: Czech Republic

Methodology for determining the mixing ratio of selected solid recovered fuels for energy recovery - V. Malijonytė, E. Dace, F. Romagnoli, M. Gedrovics: Latvia

Potential use of macroalgae Fucus vesiculosus for bioenergy production in Latvia: A Review - K. Balina, F. Romagnoli, D. Blumberga: Latvia

The evaluation of biomass yield and quality of Phalaris arundinacea and Festulolium using bioenergy waste products as fertilisers – S. Rancāne, A. Kārkliņš, D. Lazdina, P. Bērziņš, A. Bārdule, A. Butlers, A. Lazdiņš: Latvia

15.00 – 16.30


Production of Crumb Rubber — Iron Powder Mixture for perspective synthesis of Carbon-Iron powder sorbent – V. Mironovs , O. Ozernovs, I. Jevmenovs, V. Lapkovskis, D. Golyandin: Latvia

Effect of porosity on the performance of cutting ceramics - V. Maksarov, A. Khalimonenko, J. Olt: Russia/Estonia

Improving fretting resistance of heavily loaded friction machine parts using a modified polymer composition - V. Krasnyy, V. Maksarov, J. Olt: Russia/Estonia

Water vapour transmission properties of linseed oil paint – A. Ruus, R. Semjakin, K. Kirtsi, E. Tungel: Estonia

15.00 –



Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems and their reliability of glass break detection – J. Hart, V. Hartova: Czech Republic

Numerical Modelling of Transient Phenomena in a Synchronous Machine – Z. Vondrášek: Czech Republic

New security elements in biometric systems and systems I&HAS – J. Hart, V. Hartova: Czech Republic

Development of a system for locating of persons by triangulation – J. Hart, V. Hartova: Czech Republic

Support scheme for CHP and its sensitivity on heat wasting – R. Nedela, R. Nedela: Czech Republic

Analysis of rapid temperature changes – M. Hromasova, M. Linda: Czech Republic

Basic Theory and Methods for Managing Energy Efficiency in Consumer Systems - V. Karpov, T. Kabanen, Z. Sh. Yuldashev, A. Nemtsev, I. Nemtsev: Estonia/Russia

Methodology for determining the mixing ratio of selected solid recovered fuels - V. Malijonytė, E. Dace, F. Romagnoli, M. Gedrovics: Latvia/Lithuania

Practical usage of additional heat from biogas plant – M. Bloch-Michalik, M. Gaworski: Poland

15.00 – 16.30


The human factor impact on the process of milking – M. Prikryl, P. Vaculik, L. Chladek, L. Libich and P. Smetanova: Czech Republic

Determination of the physical properties of different types of milk claws and air leaks in the claw according to rotameter-milk bucket methods – H. Unal and H. Erdogan: Turkey

An approach for determination of quality in hay bale and halage – A. Ince, Y. Vurarak and S.M. Say: Turkey

Choosing and evaluation of milking parlours for dairy farms in Estonia – O. Sada, A. Leola, P. Kic: Czech Republic & Estonia

Use of automatic system for pig feed consumption control – L. Paura and D. Jonkus: Latvia

The efficient management of straw-bedding solid manure – T. Leola: Estonia

Determination of Current Location of Animal Barns and Establishment of a Data Base by GIS: Study Case for Akçalar Village in Bursa – S. Uguz, B. Keskin, E. Şimşek: Turkey

The impact of differently solved machine lines and work procedures of feeding and bedding on dust concentration in stables for dairy cows – J. Vegricht and J. Šimon: Czech Republic

15.00 – 16.30


Ventilation and microclimatic conditions in the laboratory of adhesive bonding – A. Krofová, P. Kic: Czech Republic

Mastering Control of Unknown Systems in Passenger Cars According to Driver Skills /Ability to Handle Unfamiliar Systems in Passenger Cars According to Driver Skills – M. Hruška, P. Jindra: Czech Republic

Comparison of reliability of monocriterial and multi-criteria of biometric identification systems – V. Hartová, J. Hart: Czech Republic

Integrating Ergonomics Principles and Workplace Health Protection and Promotion in improving safety and health at work - evidence from Estonia – K. Kuimet, M. Järvis, A. Virovere: Estonia

Electromagnetic fields’ exposure to head, torso and limbs in office workplaces – I. Vilcane, T. Koppel, H. Kalkis, V. Urbane, I. Ievins: Latvia

Improvement of managers’ knowledge in prevention of musculoskeletal disorders development in industrial and office-work – V. Pille, P. Tint: Estonia

Safety climate in Estonian elderly nursing homes: A nationwide survey using the NOSACQ-50 Questionnaire - Jaana Sepp, Marina Järvis, Karin Reinhold: Estonia

Improvement of health and safety management at enterprises – G. Hrenov, P. Tint, K. Reinhold: Estonia

Comparative study of the noise levels: impact of renovation – S. Kalle, J. Paju: Estonia

15.00 – 16.30


The temperature changes of barley malt during its disintegration on a two roller mill – P. Vaculik, L. Chladek, M. Prikryl, A. Smejtkova and P. Brany: Czech Republic

Influence of the Packaging Material on the Quality Parameters of Tobacco during Ageing – L. Skarkova, A. Smejtkova, D. Satrudinov and P. Vaculik: Czech Republic   

Differences in cadmium accumulation and induced changes in root anatomical structures in plants used for food – V. Alle, U. Kondratovics, A. Osvalde and M. Vikmane: Latvia

The influence of heat transfer coefficient on moisture evaporation rate during the cooling of fresh baked white pan bread – A. Pastukhov: Russia

The content of minerals in milk of small ruminants – T. Michlová, A. Hejtmánková, H. Dragounová, and Š. Horníčková: Czech Republic

The hygienic and nutritional quality of milk from Saanen goats bred in the Moravian-Silesian region – T. Michlová, H. Dragounová, R. Seydlová and A. Hejtmánková: Czech Republic

Extraction of biologically active compounds from fruit, berry and grain grist using ViscoStar 150L enzyme complex – N. V. Barakova, N. N. Skvortsova, N. Y. Sharova: Russia

Egg yolk oil as a source of bioactive compounds for infant nutrition – A. Kovalcuks, M. Duma: Latvia

The influence of microelements selenium and copper on the rye malt amylase activity and flour technological properties – K. Antoņenko, M. Duma, V. Kreicbergs, D. Kunkulberga: Latvia

Changes in the total phenol content in the industrial potato peel wastes during the storage – I. Shepelev, R. Galoburda, T. Kince: Latvia

Modelling of impact parameters for nondestructive evaluation of firmness of greenhouse tomatoes – K. K. Vursavus, Z. Kesilmis: Turkey

Effect of lovage phenolics to formation of acrylamide in French fries – S. Kampuse, L. Tomsone, Z. Krūma, M. Šabovics and I. Skrabule: Latvia

Extruded pea product physical and chemical properties – L. Strauta, S. Muižniece-Brasava, I. Gedrovica: Latvia

Nitrogen effect on winter wheat wholemeal protein content and rheological properties – A. Liniņa, A. Ruža, D. Kunkulberga: Latvia

Grain processing by enzymes to increase bioavailability of minerals in cereals – E. A. Kuznetsova, V. Y. Zomitev and E. A. Kuznetsova: Russia

Winter wheat grain baking quality depending on environmental conditions and fertilizer – I. Skudra and A. Ruza: Latvia

Effect of sowing date on oil, protein and glucosinolate concentration of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) – P. Lääniste, V. Eremeev, E. Mäeorg, J. Jõudu: Estonia

Partial Purification of β–glucosidase enzyme from soybean (Glycine max) and determination of inhibitory effects two quercetin derivatives on enzyme activity – A. C. Olcay, G. Bilir, Ö. Taş, M. Deniz and D. Ekinci: Turkey

15.00 – 16.30


Investigations about the impact of norms of the fertilisers and cultivars upon the crop capacity biomass of industrial hemp – A. Adamovics, S. Ivanovs and V. Stramkale: Latvia

Pilot study of variability on demand and knowledge concerning organic food on an example of two Polish regions – N. Kamińska, M. Gaworski, P. Kaźmierska and A.M. Klepacka: Poland

Methodological challenges in research of Vidzeme rural areas – G. Krumins, I. Krumina, S. Rozentale: Latvia



16.30 –



(Institute of Technology,

room B136)


(Institute of Technology,

room B200)


(Institute of Technology,

room A204)


(Institute of Technology,

room A220)


Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Arslan


Ass. Prof. Arne Küüt


Prof. Michel Eppink


Prof. Mati Pääsuke

Seed passage speed through short delivery tubes at precise seeding – M. Kroulik, J. Hula, A. Rybka, I. Honzik: Czech Republic

The water content in the engine oil by using E85 – K. Veselá, M. Pexa, J. Pavlů: Czech Republic

Efficient use of arable land for energy: Comparison of cropping natural fibre plants and energy plants – T. Hoffmann, R. Pecenka, H.-J. Gusovius, J. Budde: Germany

The impact of information technologies upon the social interaction culture among employees in Latvian enterprises – A. Cekuls, H. Kalkis, Z. Roja: Latvia

Current situation and future of trends in vineyard floor management – T. Yezekyan: Armenia

Detection and characterization of wear particles of universal tractor oil using a particles size analyser –       M. Kučera, Z. Aleš, M. Pexa: Czech Republic

Investigations of fibre plant preparation and utilization of solid biofuels – D. Streikus, A. Jasinskas, M. Arak, E. Jotautiene, R. Mieldažyas, S. Čekanauskas, Z. Jankauskienė: Lithuania & Estonia

Transport route segments and stress effect on drivers – R. Zewdie, P. Kic: Czech Republic

New design of roller separation line and its effect on the separation of hop matter – M. Krupička, A. Rybka: Czech Republic  

Effect of different biofuels to particulate matters production –        P. Jindra, M. Kotek, J. Mařík, M. Vojtíšek: Czech Republic

Mechanical durability and water absorption of pellets made from different tree species - a case study – K. Makovskis, D. Lazdina, A. Arsanica, V. Solodovnik, U. Daugavietis: Latvia

Pulse-video method for determining the workload and energy expenditure for assessing of work environment – A. Nautras, B. Reppo, J. Kuzmin: Estonia

Fruit  drying  process  investigation  in infrared  film  dryer – A. Aboltins, J. Palabinskis: Latvia

Smoke and NOX emissions of combustion engine using biofuels – M. Pexa, J. Čedík, R. Pražan: Czech Republic

Impact of browsing damages on growth and quality of Silver birch plantations in Latvia – L. Sisenis, B. Dzerina, K. Udris, M. Purins, J. Katrevics: Latvia

Software Development for Qualimetrical Ergonomics of a Workplace D. Maksimov, H. Kalkis: Latvia

Identification of worm-damaged chestnuts using impact acoustics and support vector machine – F. Kurtulmuş, S. Öztüfekçi, İ. Kavdir: Turkey

Study of prior art of free-piston engine – V. Raide: Estonia

Frost-tolerance and selection of the commercial poplar clones for agroforestry systems in Latvia – D. Lazdina, S. Senhofa, M. Zeps, K. Makovskis, I. Bebre, A. Jansons: Latvia

Telework as a possibility to prevent psychosocial stress from ICT use –  R. Arvola, P. Tint, Ü. Kristjuhan and V. Siirak: Estonia

Productivity of Vimek 404 T5 harvester and Vimek 610 forwarder in early thinning – A. Lazdinš, A. Zimelis, U. Prindulis, S. Kaleja: Latvia

The impact of bioethanol fuel blends on piston engine exhaust gases – A. Vlasov: Estonia

The effect of ash fertilization on tree biomass growth and soil nutrient availability – A. Lupikis, Z.Libiete, A. Bardule, A. Lazdins: Latvia

Group 0 to 0+ child restraint system usage in Estonia – V. Strelovskaja, E. Pabo, I. Ploomipuu: Estonia

Productivity and cost of biofuel in ditch cleaning operations using tracked excavator based harvester – A. Zimelis, G. Spalva, G. Saule, A. Lazdinš: Latvia

Intra-annual dynamics of height growth of Norway spruce in Latvia – U. Neimane, Z. Katrevica, M. Purins, J. Kalnins, A. Adamovics: Latvia

Strenght potential of lateral pinch activities: a work in progress – M. Reinvee, V. Luik: Estonia

Influence of lammas shoots on height of young Scots pines in Latvia A. Jansons, U. Neimane, B. Dzerina, A. Adamovics: Latvia  

Comparison of musculoskeletal discomfort in female office workers and supermarket cashiers – T. Sirge, J. Ereline, T. Kums, H. Gapeyeva, M. Pääsuke: Estonia

16.30 –



(Institute of Technology,

room A107)


Ass. Prof. Eugen Kokin




(Institute of Technology,

room A310)


PhD Tõnu Leemet


(Institute of Technology,

room B119)


PhD Iivi Riivits-Arkonsuo

Technical and software solutions for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) navigation in case of unavailable GPS signal – M. Dlouhy, J. Lev, M. Kroulik: Czech Republic

Mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites filled with Jatropha Curcal L. – P. Hrabe, M. Müller, C. Mizera: Czech Republic

Ethics audit as a marketing instrument and its potential for organic farming – M. Ojasoo and A. Leppiman: Estonia

Awareness and adoption of precision agriculture in the Cukurova region of Turkey – M. Keskin, Y. E. Sekerli: Turkey

Low-cyclic fatigue test of adhesive bond reinforced with glass fibre fabric  – J. Zavrtálek, M. Müller, V. Šleger: Czech Republic

Fertilizer use efficiency impact on GHG emissions in the Latvian crop sektor – A. Lēnerts, D. Popluga, K. Naglis-Liepa and P. Rivža: Latvia

Comparison of different chlorophylls determination methods for leafy vegetables – I. Alsina, M. Dūma, L. Dubova, A. Šenberga, S. Daģis: Latvia

Utilisation of industrial steel wastes in polymer composite design and its agricultural applications – M. Lisicins, V. Lapkovskis, V. Mironovs: Latvia  

Quality labels in Estonian food market. Do the labels matter? – I. Riivits-Arkonsuo, A. Leppiman and J. Hartšenko: Estonia

Segmented capacitance sensor and first tests of inverse problem solution – J. Lev, M. Wohlmuthová: Czech Republic  

Hybrid aspen clone wood mechanical properties – M. Zeps, A. Gailis, J. Smilga, O. Miezite, L. Sisenis and I. Zariņa: Latvia

The construct of value in knowledge-intensive business service from customer’s perspective. An example of a long-term training activity – J. Kukk and A. Leppiman: Estonia

Mapping of Some Soil Properties due to Precision Irrigation in Agriculture – K. E. Temizel: Turkey

Determination of the heat flux of steel for the heat treatment model of agricultural tools – A. Kešner, R. Chotěborský, M. Linda: Czech Republic

Assessment of the economic value of cattle slurry and biogas digestate used on grassland – K. Kall, Ü. Roosmaa and R. Viiralt: Estonia

Precision Apiculture approach for improving bee colony management – A. Zacepins, A. Kviesis: Latvia

Influence of dust pollution in the laboratory on the strength of adhesive bond – A. Krofová, P. Kic, M. Müller: Czech Republic

Development possibilities of rural area in Vidzeme region: comparison to other regions of Latvia and analysis – I. Krumina, G. Krumins, S. Rozentale and H. Kalkis: Latvia

Bacterial endophytes of grapevine and conifers as promising objects for agriculture and forestry – A. Shcherbakov: Russia

Determination of chemical content of soil particle for abrasive wear test – R. Chotěborský, M. Linda: Czech Republic

Economic considerations for using sexed semen on Holstein cows and heifers in Estonia – A. Remmik, J. Naaber and R. Värnik: Estonia

Relaxation and creep behaviour of false banana’s fibre (Ensete ventricosum) – C. Mizera, D. Herak: Czech Republic

Performance trends  as a prerequisite for smart growth in Latvia rural territories – B. Rivza, M. Kruzmetra, V. Zaluksne: Latvia





OFFICIAL CONFERENCE DINNER at Restaurant Atlantis, 2 Narva Str., Tartu







Ilmatsalu Biogas Station (Start at Institute of Technology)


Tartu City Tour (Gathering at Town Hall)

You can download time schedule from here.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Michel Eppink

Prof. Michel Eppink - Wageningen University, Netherland Microalgae: Recovery of valuable biomolecules Michel received his MSc. in Biology/Chemistry in 1993 from the University of Utrecht and his PhD in 1999 from the Wageningen University and Research Centre with background in structure/function relationships of proteins. Michel has a long experience in the biopharmaceutical field by working formely at Diosynth, Organon and Schering-Plough in the Netherlands. Currently, Michel Eppink is Director Downstream Processing at the Biopharmaceutical Division of Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV developing purification/formulation processes for biopharmaceutical proteins and involved in different (inter) national collaborations for new technologies in the field of purification and formulation development. Next to that Michel is also Special Professor at the Department of Bioprocess Engineering at Wageningen University and Research Centre heading a group of PhD candidates in the research of new purification/analytical techniques for proteins/lipids/carbohydrates from different eukaryotic organisms (e.g. mammalian cell lines, macroalgae, microalgae, duckweed) embedded in (inter) national collaborations.

Prof. Michel EppinkProf. Alexander Jäger - University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels, Austria
"Biofuel production caught between political restrictions and advances in research"
Prof. Alexander Jäger, vice dean for research at the University of Applied Science Upper
Austria, Wels has been engaged in bioenergy research since his doctoral thesis in 1983. He
graduated from the University of Stuttgart, Germany in microbiology and has a doctoral
degree in biotechnology. His research is focused on bioethanol production from
lignocellulose, biogas production and production of value added products from algae. He has
conducted research at US Forest Products Laboratory, Madison WI, at Helmholtz Institute in
Juelich, Germany, also in Vienna and Salzburg and received a professorship in Biotechnology
at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels / Austria in 2003.

Prof. Tauno Otto Prof. Tauno Otto is Dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology. He
graduated from the Tallinn Univerity of Technology in Manufacturing Engineering as Diploma Engineer in 1990, received MSc in Production and Transportation Engineering in 2001, and defended doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2006. His research is focused on smart manufacturing based on monitoring technologies of machining processes and employee performance in manufacturing. He has carried on research at DeMontfort University, Helsinki University of Technology, and received professorship in Production Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology in 2010. He is also representing Estonia in European Technology Platform Manufuture.

Prof. Linda RoseAssociate Professor Linda Rose - KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden – “From Haze to Clarity – RAMP for Systematic Risk Management”.
Prof. Rose has a PhD in Injury prevention and a background with an MSc in Aeronautical engineering. For more than 25 years Dr. Rose has been conducting research and development projects in ergonomics, with the focus on minimizing the risk of injury at work. As an engineer, she has developed tools, methods and systems in close cooperation with users and companies with participatory methodologies. These projects have been carried out with both an individual perspective (i.e., safety, health, usability, etc.) and a systems perspective (i.e., productivity, quality,economy, etc.). As a scientist, her focus lies on developing models and methods which can be used by companies to evaluate, compare, and choose solutions that are favorable to both perspectives. Her research areas include development of risk management methods such as Ergo-Index and RAMP. In addition, she has a strong interest in and engagement for education in the field ergonomics and is an award-winning and appreciated senior lecturer.